Analysis and evaluation of the impact of the Migration Strategy

The Analytical Unit within the SCMI Secretariat which was established under the ENIGMMA project will continue to function and contribute to internal monitoring and evaluation of the Migration Strategy implementation as well as processing of the requests for analysis of migration processes and inter-linkages between migration and development in Georgia.

Support to the monitoring of the implementation of the Migration Strategy and its Action Plan will be conducted under this activity, including support towards drafting of amendments to the Migration Strategy based on requests of SCMI Secretariat and in cooperation with the Analytical Unit. The SCMI Secretariat is planning to evaluate the Migration Strategy Action Plan by the end of 2017 and in 2020. Thus, the project will support the SCMI Secretariat in accomplishing this task. Think tanks, research institutions and academia will be involved in this exercise when needed.

Taking into account the impact of the Migration Strategy implementation, including the identification of gaps and needs, lessons learned and best practices, the Project will support the development of the Action Plans for 2018, 1019 and 2020, as well as basis for the Migration Strategy 2021 – 2030.  Further support in development of the Medium Migration Profile (MMP) and its update will be provided as well.