Contacts between SCMI and EU in the area of migration and asylum

Taking into account the achievements of the EU-funded “Enhancing Georgia’s Migration Management” (ENIGMMA) project, good practices, and lessons learned, ICMPD will continue to support Georgia in facilitating cooperation with EU and European Union Member State (EU MS) migration-related institutions on various issues in the migration area.

In this vein, the “Sustaining Migration Management in Georgia” (ENIGMMA 2) project supported the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Refugees and Accommodation of Georgia (MRA) in its participation at the Conference on Country of Origin Information (COI) publications organised by the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) in November 2017 in Brussels. The conference aimed at bringing together COI researchers from various authorities and civil society organisations specialised in the production of COI. By supporting this initiative, the ENIGMMA 2 project provided a good opportunity for the MRA to share and gather good practices as well as quality tools on COI, thus contributing to further strengthening and establishing new contacts with EU migration institutions.

Moreover, the project is supporting Georgian state institutions in forming cooperation with the EASO on technical matters (in the scope of the EASO External Action Strategy for the external dimension of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS)), while also promoting and assisting capacity building on asylum and reception issues. Thus, in March 2018, the ENIGMMA 2 project organised a study visit for MRA representatives to the EASO’s office in Malta.

The mission proved to be a good tool for establishing partnerships with the EASO, bringing added value to existing efforts to strengthen the asylum system in Georgia. During the visit, the Georgian delegation also met Maltese migration authorities in order to discuss and share experience on Maltese policy and practices for managing their migration and asylum system, the institutional setup, refugee policy, migrant integration policy, organisation of internal trainings for employees, etc.

Following the success of the mission to Malta, via well-established contacts with Poland’s Ministry of Interior, two representatives from institutions dealing with migration issues in Georgia were invited to participate at an internship in Warsaw beginning in September 2018. Two different internship modules are offered to the participants: one focusing on international protection, including COI and the migration situation and international protection procedures in Poland; and one on migration-related data collection, including statistical information.

The ENIGMMA 2 project will through this initiative continue to implement various activities to further strengthen ties with EU MS and EU institutions, including:

  • Identification and sharing of good practices as well as quality tools, mechanisms, and specific initiatives among Georgia and EU MS institutions in the migration field;
  • Support in organising dialogues, consultations, seminars, workshops and other similar activities in the mutual interest of EU and Georgian migration institutions.