Current ICMPD Regional Projects

Border Management Programme in Central Asia (BOMCA)

Objective: increasing effectiveness and efficiency of border

management in Central Asia by introducing advanced elements of Integrated Border Management (IBM), assisting governments in developing and reforming their migration governance, mobility and trade facilitation policies, and strengthening capacities of Border and Migration Agencies, thus contributing to security and economic development at national and regional levels.

Programme partners: consortium of partners under the lead of the State Border Guard of Latvia

 Duration: 2015-2020                  fb: @BOMCAPROGRAMME


Support to Migration and Border Management in Armenia


Objective: enhancing approximation of the migration and border management in Armenia to the European standards of governance to increase security, facilitate trade, and support the possible visa liberalization dialogue between EU and Armenia.

Co-Implementing Partners: UNDP in Armenia

Duration: 2016-2020                         fb: @ICMPDinArmenia


Support to the Development of the Concept of the National Migration Policy in Belarus

 Objective: supporting the Government of the Republic of Belarus in the elaboration of an evidence-based Concept of the National Migration Policy that will further enhance migration management and governance, based on the socio-economic priorities and needs of the country.

Duration: 2019-2020


Reintegration Support to Azerbaijani Returnees project (RESTART)

Objective: supporting the implementation of the Readmission Agreement in the area of reintegration through strengthening the capacities of authorities and civil society in Azerbaijan to actively facilitate sustainable return from the European Union Member States and Reintegration of Azerbaijani Nationals.

Co-implementing partners: State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Funded by: Federal Republic of Germany, Ministry of Interior, The Kingdom of the Netherlands, Ministry of Justice, Repatriation and Departure Service, Republic of Poland, Ministry of Interior and Administration.

Duration: 2019-2020                                 fb: @ICMPDinAzerbaijan


Support to the police reform in the Republic of Moldova

 Objective: contributing to and supporting Moldova in implementing its Police Reform laid out in the Police Development Strategy 2016- 2020 and the EU Police Reform Budget Support Programme 2017-2020.

Project partners: in consortium with German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation (IRZ) under the lead of Business & Strategies in Europe S.A. (B&S)

Duration: 2018-2021