Diaspora engagement

The general objective of this activity is to contribute to regularising the status of Georgian citizens in the EU, protection of their social and other rights, optimisation of existing legal information in destination countries, and ensuring identification of the needs of Georgian diaspora and migrant communities in selected EU Member States. In the inception phase, the project team will rely on the findings and recommendations of the “Enhancing the Role of Georgian Emigrants at Home” (ERGEM) project co-funded by the EU and implemented by ICMPD and the Danish Refugee Council in 2013-2014, which targeted Georgian migrants and diaspora communities in Germany, Greece and Turkey.

The activity aims to involve the Diaspora Relations Department at the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Secretariat of the State Commission on Migration Issues (SCMI) and the Migration and Development Working Group under the SCMI and will contribute to implementation of the activities described. Considering the experience-sharing and knowledge-exchange activities of this action, the EU, ICMPD, the Easter Partnership, and Georgian policy makers and scholars will be engaged in the implementation process.

This activity will include:

  • Needs analysis and mapping of the main destination countries of Georgian migrant and diaspora communities;
  • Negotiation of possible regularisation measures for Georgian migrants in an irregular situation in the EU Member States;
  • Organising workshops, public discussion forums and experience-sharing seminars;
  • Implementing Georgia’s Young Ambassador Programme.