Diaspora Online School

In year 2014, the ICMPD ENIGMMA project initiated support to the Diaspora Office in the development of an online school for Georgian youths living abroad. The concept of the online school was established by the Diaspora Office with the aim of strengthening ties with Georgian diaspora abroad and especially attracting the young diaspora generation by triggering their interest in Georgian language, culture and history. The idea of the school is that any young person living abroad, independently or with the help of parents, willing to learn more about Georgia should be able to connect to the online school and attend online lessons that are available online, recorded or live.

Particular support envisaged by the ICMPD/ENIGMMA project is the development of content for these distance lessons. In this regard, ENIGMMA recruited short-term national experts to develop the content and curriculum of the distance lessons for the online school and all necessary tools (applications, visual aids, audio/video material) needed for teaching the online lessons.

The development of content for the distance lessons was divided into two phases:

  • Phase I – development of content and curriculum for the distance lesson on teaching Georgian language and the supplementary online application; Beginners course (A1-1 & A1);
  • Phase II – development of content and curriculum for the distance lessons on teaching Georgian language and history with the elements of ethnography and geography including the set up of pilot online teaching system/tools/applications; Advance course.

With the support of technical applications and tools, the students/young people living abroad that would like to learn Georgian language and/or history will be granted a unique opportunity of an interactive study process with the help of entertaining and engaging audio-visual study materials.

The final distance lessons, including content and technical tools, were submitted to the Diaspora Office and ENIGMMA in September 2015.

The test version of the pilot project of the Diaspora Online School is available at the following link