ENIGMMA publications

The paper on  “Practices of developing a national migration strategy in selected European countries” specifically focusses on the main characteristics of national migration strategies along the lines of the main steps for strategy development, its fundamental principles, the decisive factors defining the directions of the migration strategies, the link between short-, mid- and long-term objectives, thematic priorities, policy coherence and the operationalisation of objectives as a link to the practical implementation of the migration policy.

The research paper entitled “Cooperation between State Institutions and Civil Society Organisations in the Area of Migration Management in Georgia” was published by the ENIGMMA project. The paper is a direct outcome of the ENIGMMA Summer School 2015 and was written by the Summer School participants Rusudan Asatiani and Tamara Tsereteli. The research paper highlights Georgia’s achievements in the area of migration management as well as cooperation between Government and Civil Society Organisations.

The paper on “Estimates for Georgian Migrants in Turkey: Regular and Irregular Migration” focuses on an estimate for the number of regular and irregular Georgian Migrants in Turkey, suggesting that, adding up net emigration from Georgia during recent years total emigrant stocks might be twice as high as officially recorded or estimated. This factor, is even higher for Turkey, given its proximity and relative ease of immigration and circulations. The working paper is based on previous work on emigration indicators for Georgia and an extensive data collection.

In December, 2016 the SCMI developed “Brief Migration Profile on Remittances (BMP)”, which is a logical extension of Medium Migration Profile (MMP), but unlike MMP, is focused on exploration of migration-related aspect using data visualizations and info-graphics. Along with statistical data, the Profile’s impact chapter also gives the analysis of the research findings on spending remittances on the household level in Georgia. The document has been developed under support of the ICMPD as part of the EU funded project Enhancing Georgia’s Migration Management (ENIGMMA).

Present BMP is devoted to the analysis of incoming remittances volume during the last 6 years (2010-2015) – how they are utilized by remittance receiving households and provides a set of recommendations aimed at both: improving remittance-related research and maximization of remittance impact on local and national levels.