ERGEM project

‘Enhancing the Role of Georgian Emigrants at Home (ERGEM)’ project

Objective: The project ‘Enhancing the Role of the Georgian Emigrants at Home (ERGEM)’ aimed at strengthening the ties between Georgians abroad and Georgian institutions in order to increase diaspora contributions to Georgia’s economic development.

Summary: The activities of the project were implemented in three consecutive phases (inception, implementation and closing) and under three complementary components: 1) collection and analysis of information, 2) services to diaspora abroad and 3) services in Georgia. Information days held for Georgian migrants and diaspora members were a main activity of the ERGEM project and covered by ICMPD. The organisation of the information days was based on the findings in the case study titled “Georgian Diaspora and Migrant Communities in Germany, Greece and Turkey – Transnational Realities and Ties with Georgia”. The events took place in Berlin, Athens and Istanbul. The aim was to improve the dissemination of information and provision of services by Georgian institutions to migrants and diaspora members abroad regarding various issues, such as legal status, identity and official documents, property rights, return and reintegration possibilities as well as business and investment opportunities in Georgia. In addition, the ERGEM project sought to establish direct and close contact between Georgian diaspora and Georgian state institutions. To support the sustainability of the action, a guide on organising mobile counselling events was developed based on the lessons learned during the implementation of the project.

Implementing Agency: Danish Refugee Council in cooperation with ICMPD

Partners: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Public Service Development Agency, Ministry of Justice of Georgia, Office of the State Minister of Georgia for Diaspora Issues, Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Refugees and Accommodation of Georgia, and the Ministry of the Interior of Poland

Donors: European Union, Danish Refugee Council and project partners

Duration: April 2013 to December 2014

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