High-Profile Diaspora

As a result of extensive and successful cooperation between the State Minister’s Office of Georgia for Diaspora Issues and ICMPD throughout the ERGEM (Enhancing the Role of Georgian Migrants at Home) project, the ICMPD/ENIGMMA project envisages further cooperation with the Diaspora Office on fine-tuning of the diaspora policy roadmap.

Preceded by bilateral consultations between the Diaspora Office and ICMPD/ENIGMMA team, it was agreed that ENIGMMA project will focus on high-profile migrants, the so called “migration champions” in order to explore, document and engage them for development in Georgia, but also for their own personal development (career, recognition, ties with Georgia, publicity, networks, etc.).

high-profile diaspora members can be defined as renowned women or men in a specific field, who work transnationally and who have the potential to improve the reputation of the country, to drive economic growth, to act as a role model in that field, and who can generally act as advocates for the country.1] In this document high profile diaspora and its members are referred to also as diaspora champions, high skilled migrants, high professional migrants, etc.

The main aim of the High-Profile Diaspora Engagement Programme that is being jointly developed by the Diaspora Office, ICMPD/ENIGMMA, Georgian State Institutions and other relevant stakeholders, is to engage high-profile diaspora members in the development processes in Georgia through creating a network of professionals coming from various fields and implementing various pilot activities, recognising the achievements of prominent Georgian diaspora and developing youth engagement activities.

The Programme consists of the following components:

  • Professional network(s)
  • Diaspora Awards
  • Investment in Youth

The Programme also aims at actively publicising Georgian diaspora achievements in Georgia and abroad.

The Programme runs in two phases, development and piloting. Both phases are planned to be executed in the period of April 2015 to December 2016/January 2017.

Georgian High-Profile Diaspora Engagement Programme

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[1] EUROMED-Migration Mapping Study “Champions of Migration”