Information about ICMPD

The International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) is an international organisation with 19 Member States and more than 465 staff members.

Active in more than 90 countries worldwide, it takes a regional approach in its work to create efficient cooperation and partnerships along migration routes. Priority regions include Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Mediterranean, Silk Routes, Western Balkans and Türkiye. Its approach to migration management – structurally linking policy & research, migration dialogues and capacity building – contributes to better migration policy development worldwide.

The Vienna-based organisation has a mission in Brussels and is locally represented in 30 countries worldwide. ICMPD receives funding from its Member States, the European Commission, the UN and other multilateral institutions, as well as bilateral donors. Founded in 1993, ICMPD holds UN observer status and cooperates with more than 240 partners including EU institutions and UN agencies.

ICMPD strives for comprehensive, sustainable and future-oriented migration governance and applies a three-pronged approach:

Policy & Research – Policy-relevant research, empirical research with a comparative, interdisciplinary, and international approach covering numerous migration related topics

Migration Dialogues – Support dialogue between Europe and its neighbours, East (Budapest Process and Prague Process) and South (Rabat Process and Khartoum Process)

Capacity Building – Training, capacity building programmes, workshops, and study visits, facilitation of international and interagency cooperation and support in institution building.

ICMPD has a long and successful cooperation history with Georgia. It started with participation of Georgia in regional projects and processes, such as Budapest Process and Prague Process, continued with providing expertise in preventing and fighting against trafficking of human beings, dealing with readmission and visa facilitation issues and integrated border management. Further, ICMPD and Georgian counterparts cooperated in the migration management field. In September 2013, the government of Georgia and ICMPD signed the Agreement of Cooperation, which was ratified by the Georgian Parliament in November 2013. This agreement further strengthened and developed cooperation between Georgia and ICMPD.

Following the ratification of the agreement, as well as the grant contract for the ENIGMMA (Enhancing Georgia’s Migration Management) project implementation, ICMPD established an office in Tbilisi, which was responsible for maintaining general cooperation with Georgian migration stakeholders and the implementation of the ENIGMMA project under the supervision of ICMPD headquarters.

The ENIGMMA project, which supported the government of Georgia in the implementation of migration-related areas of the visa dialogue between the European Union and Georgia, has been followed by ENIGMMA 2 “Sustaining Migration Management in Georgia” project, funded by the EU-Georgia Financing Agreement, signed in May 2017 within the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) 2016 Technical Cooperation Facility II Programme.

ICMPD’s current project in Georgia, “Strengthening Development Impact of Migration in Georgia” (STREAMinG) runs from January 2022 to June 2023 and it is funded by EU Resilience Facility for Georgia Under the Annual Action Programme for Georgia (AAP) 2020. The main purpose of the action is to contribute to further cooperation between EU and Georgia in order to unlock the positive impact of human mobility for the development by mainstreaming migration into development processes and by empowering civil society actors to participate in migration policy debates.

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