Trainings of the staff of Public Service Hall on the amendments introduced in the Aliens Law

International Centre for Migration Policy Development, in the framework of EU funded project ENIGMMA 2, in close cooperation with Public Service Development Agency (PSDA) and Public Service Hall launched cascade trainings for the staff of Public Service Hall and Community Centres on the amendments introduced in the Georgian Law “On the Legal Status of Aliens and Stateless Persons” entered into force on 12 May 2021.

First training took place in Tbilisi on 10-11 April, followed by trainings in Batumi on 16 April and Kutaisi on 24 April. The course was focused on the amendments related to the entry and stay of foreigners into/in Georgia, in particular on residence rules and regulations i.e. timeframes for issuing a temporary residence permit, termination of the period of stay in Georgia and grounds for denying the issuance of Georgian residence permits, and decision to defer an alien’s obligation to leave Georgia. A series of trainings will also take place in other parts of Georgia.