Project management

The implementation of the project is coordinated by SCMI Secretariat and ICMPD Project Implementation Coordination Team (taking into account the needs and input of the respective ministries when it is relevant – selective and topic-based). The team has already functioned within the EU-funded ENIGMMA project. Regular Project Implementation Coordination Team meetings take place on monthly basis in Tbilisi at SCMI Secretariat or ICMPD office. The Project Implementation Coordination Team will be composed by SCMI Secretariat and ICMPD staff (mainly Tbilisi based, and Project Coordinator if meetings coincide with other Project Coordinator visits to Georgia). The aim of the meetings is to discuss on-going activities, possible risks in implementation and relevant mitigation strategies, to avoid and prevent the obstacles in the project implementation activities, to streamline the work plan implementation, and to support efficient use of project financial and human resources.

Project Steering Group (PSG) will be established to monitor each step of the project implementation and take corrective measures to streamline activities when necessary. PSG will consist of the state institutions – members of SCMI, academia and non-governmental project partners, ICMPD, and EUD representatives. The PSG will meet bi-annually during the implementation of the programme. Experts will be invited to take part in the PSG meetings if their working visits to Georgia coincide.