The establishment of the Analytical Unit within the Secretariat of the State Commission for Migration Issues of Georgia (SCMI) is one of the activities of the ENIGMMA project. This activity combines on-the-spot support, internships and coaching to enhance the research and analytical capacities of the SCMI Secretariat and support the SCMI decision-making process during project implementation.

According to the project, the Pilot Analytical Unit is responsible for processing the requests for analysis of migration processes and interlinkages between migration and development in Georgia. The Pilot Analytical Unit will also contribute to the coordination of the activities under Module 3 (Strengthening of the analytical capacities and knowledge base on migration) and Module 4 (Capacity building on the development of evidence-based migration policy framework) of Component B. In particular, the Analytical Unit will be actively involved  in  the  drafting  of  the  Migration  Handbook  for  Georgia and the Extended Migration Profile, and the development of the Migration Strategy of Georgia and Action Plan for 2016–2020. Further, the Analytical Unit will support the SCMI Secretariat in daily tasks related to the analytical work of the Secretariat, including the development of awareness raising and information materials according to the concept on information campaigns for 2013–2014 ‘Legal Migration – the Best Choice’ approved by the SCMI.

The Analytical Unit was established at the Secretariat on 1 April 2014. It will remain active until the end of the project implementation. The Unit, consisting of two researchers, will be within the SCMI Secretariat and is with whom ICMPD will conclude the Special Service Agreements (SSA) in conformity with the established procedures of ICMPD.

An international conference entitled “Recent migratory processes and Europe: challenges and opportunities” was organised in Tbilisi on 29 to 30 September 2016 by the Secretariat of the State Commission on Migration Issues of Georgia, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Center for Interdisciplinary Programmes and Research Development in cooperation with the EU-funded ENIGMMA project. The conference was designed to address challenges and opportunities of recent migratory processes to and from the EU, and in doing so, to foster academic exchange and evidence-based policy making in the field. The conference is a unique opportunity for international and local scholars to come together to share their research findings to foster our understanding of migration from a broader inter-regional perspective. An opening speech was given by the Minister of Justice of Georgia, Thea Tsulukiani. A keynote lecture was given by Professor Ronald Skeldon on “Migration trends in Europe and worldwide”. Selected topics for the conference panels included:
• Integration
• Migration, Values and Social Capital
• Legislative and Policy Framework

More information can be found here

Further, the ENIGMMA project as well as the Secretariat of the SCMI seek to further facilitate migration-related research in Georgia, thus the ENIGMMA project issued a Call for Short Term Migration Policy Analysis Experts (PhD students, academics, post-doc researchers, etc.) to undertake migration policy analyses on topics related to Georgian migration policy development. The policy research areas include:

  • Labour migration and legislative aspects
  • Reintegration of returned migrants
  • Internationalisation of education