State Commission on Migration Issues

logo_english1The State Commission on Migration Issues (SCMI) was set up on 13 October 2010. The Commission is the Georgian Government’s consultative body discussing and taking decisions on various important issues related to migration management. The Commission is comprised of nine government entities: the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development; the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport; the Ministry of Finance; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the Ministry of the Interior; the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories; the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Social Affairs; the National Statistics Office and the State Security Service. The Commission is chaired by the Minister of Justice and co-chaired by the Deputy Minister of the Interior.

During its short lifetime, the Commission has already become a key platform for discussing migration-related issues and an effective instrument for coordinating competences which fall under the jurisdiction of different bodies. The SCMI is provided with analytical and administrative support by its Secretariat (set up on the recommendation of and with funding from the EU) at the Public Services Development Agency – a public law legal entity under the Ministry of Justice.

In February 2013, ICMPD, along with other international (EUD, IOM, GIZ, UNHCR) and non-governmental (CiDA, GYLA, IRC, MC) organisations working in the field, was granted consultative status within the Commission, to provide additional expertise and develop a format for cooperation.

To further the SCMI’s work in different directions, thematic groups have been set up within the Commission to work on: Statelessness, Migration Strategy, Migration Risk Analysis, the Unified Migration Analytical System, Migration and Development and Integration Issues.

The main aims of the SCMI’s Secretariat are to:

  • Support the activities of the SCMI as well as the execution of tasks defined in the Migration Strategy;
  • Provide technical and organisational support, as well as expertise, to the activities of the SCMI;
  • Coordinate activities aimed at meeting the objectives set out in the Migration Strategy.

The main functions of the Secretariat are to:

  • Handle logistical issues related to Commission meetings;
  • Provide logistical support to conferences and other events organised in the framework of the Commission’s activities;
  • Cooperate with agencies/organisations involved in ongoing migration management projects and in the migration sector in general;
  • Monitor the Action Plan for implementation of the Migration Strategy and provide the Commission with relevant information;
  • Draft relevant amendments to the Migration Strategy and submit them to the Commission with the appropriate justifications;
  • Define activities to be implemented within each thematic area of migration and submit relevant Action Plans to the Commission;
  • Inform the Commission on current projects in the field of migration;
  • Generate ideas for “Calls for Projects” in the field of migration and submit them to the Commission;
  • Draft information material on the Commission’s activities, conduct media relations and manage the Commission’s online presence;
  • Draft reports on the Commission’s activities;
  • Participate in conferences and meetings on behalf of the Commission;
  • Carry out instructions issued by the Commission.