What we do

ENIGMMA 2 project is designed to contribute to the sustainable enhancement of mobility and people-to-people contacts between the EU and Georgia by developing policy recommendations, implementing joint response measures and capacity building activities as well as deepening experts’ exchange and cooperation.

During the implementation of the project, we apply the following methodology:

Analysis and studies: a comprehensive examination of data and facts to understand and explain the impact of migration on the development of Georgia, thus providing recommendations and evidence-based ground for decision on migration policy development.

Awareness raising activities: activities which aim at public awareness that will be conducted through selected tools (public events, information materials, media, including social media, advertisement, public contests and competitions, etc.)

Consultation meetings: meetings that project team will have together with experts and stakeholders to collect required information, complete research, carry out interviews, negotiate participation in the project activities, etc.

Desk research: collection and analysis of information relevant for the project implementation related to different studies on links between migration, policies and development, migration management structures in different countries, migration strategy and policy documents in Europe, secondary sources and other instruments relevant to the development of the migration policy, etc.

Drafting: preliminary recording of the findings of the desk research, mapping and analysis, which is subject to later revision on expert (technical) and/or political level. Drafting will be applied via different tools such as on the spot support, facilitated drafting sessions during the WSs, etc.

Mapping: collection, systematisation, establishment of linkages and framing of knowledge on different actors, procedures and documents relevant to the project implementation.

Study visit: an activity which emphasises practical and direct knowledge and good practice transfer and provides an opportunity to gain first-hand experience in international environment on specific topics, to create a network of contacts, and to gain a new attitude towards challenges in the national context.

Training: a seminar during which the participants are taught in order to learn specific information/gain knowledge or to practice specific skills.

Working group meetings: meetings arranged between project partners, experts and other stakeholders to exchange views, discuss and/or draft documents

Workshop: discussion forum/group which facilitates an exchange of opinions and ideas, supports implementation of specific tasks such as drafting, or gaining of specific experience. A number of WSs will be organised within the project.